Tech Review: iLETU app

The main interface - sleek and simple!

Been busy lately? Feeling an information overload? Have too many people to see and places to be? Want to get a better grip of what is happening on campus? Or do you just like cool iPhone apps? If you answered yes to any of the above, then Dustin Masters has good news for you! This semester, the Computer Science senior unveiled his new iLETU app, a convenient all-in-one tool that can simplify and streamline your life at LeTourneau. It’s like the Swiss Army Knife of campus life–or, if you think Swiss Army Knives are for sissies, a Leatherman multi-tool! Although it is not flawless, iLETU does a great job of consolidating lots of helpful information into one place. It has an easy-to-use interface and is a bargain at only a dollar. Here are some first impressions:


iLETU is packed with information and shortcuts: campus announcements, hours for various on-campus facilities, Saga menus, calendars (campus, YAC, and athletics), intramural sports, Yellowjacket articles, and the Campus Bullet. (the Campus Bullet, also by Dustin Masters, is a neat place for LeTourneau students to buy and sell stuff à la Craigslist; check out the YellowJacket’s review or visit the site here) The Saga section is a little iffy because BonAppétit’s website does not always coordinate with what the LeTourneau cafetieria serves; in general the menu is accurate, with a few repeated meal listings. The athletics and intramurals sections in particular are major.


Thanks to its simple, intuitive interface, switching between iLETU’s many features is easy. However, the interface looks different between most sections. In some cases, such as the dense intramurals section, this means it’s harder to navigate; overall this means the app does not yet have a nice, unified look.


Although it does not look perfect, the iLETU app combines an impressive amount of useful LeTourneau information for your convenience and time-saving. Recommended!










Written by Felipe Vogel.

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