Fast and Funny: YAC Hosts 24-Hour Film Fest and No-Talent Show

Get out your cameras and karaoke machines! Film Fest is a beloved tradition of LeTourneau University, and YAC decided to spice things up this year by hosting a miniature competition in conjunction with a No Talent Show (the official Film Fest is scheduled for November 16th). Although some of the participants certainly had talents in the areas in which they performed, the focus of the event was for people to perform even if they did not feel they had talents. This was particularly demonstrated in the “Questions Game” and “Alphabetical Conversations,” in which members of Married Housing, South Hall, and Davis Hall provided much amusement to the audience as they carried on conversations consisting totally of questions or working through the alphabet acrostically.

Quite a few different halls had representatives in the fun. Amongst other performers, South Hall’s Justin Ito played up his well-known joke of being Justin Bieber by playing the guitar and singing “Baby” by Justin Bieber, while 41’s S.H.I.E.L.D. and Wazowski lip-synched to Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” complete with choreographed dancing and hilarious miming. 3B honored Jennifer Holland of ELH1 with a humorous rendition of Trini Lopez’ “Won’t You Be My Queen,” and T3’s Caleb Gibson unleashed his perfect country voice in the Bee Gees’ “Chicken Fried.” Both talented and untalented performers elicited near-constant laughter from the crowd of students, notwithstanding struggles with the sound system and LetNet connections.

After the various acts, the six submitted Film Fest videos were screened. The winner was 3B’s RG Rises, a science-fiction flick portraying the founder of LeTourneau University as a scientific superhero from the past battling his explosive archenemy on today’s campus (view here on the YAC Facebook page). Other films included a Lord of the Rings-esque movie trailer by T3 documenting describing – perhaps- the origins of the Dark Side/Light Side tradition (view); an exhortation toward showing joy at all times by “Team Jubilant” (view); a reminder of the value of little things (view); a comedy film involving a garden gnome statue filmed by five students from D1 (view); and a demonstration by the LeTourneau University Free Running/Parkour group filmed by “Team Bacob” (view).

Given the fun had by both performers and audience, it’s likely that the No Talent Show will make a return appearance next year. So get ready and prime your humor engines! See you then for plenty of laughs!

Written by T. C. Buscher

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