Get Fit with New Classes at Solheim Center

Whether you are trying to lose a few pounds or tone muscle to impress the endangered species of LETU females around campus, there is a program for everyone starting this October at the Solheim Center. I was given the opportunity to discuss these new programs with Suzanne Merritt (tennis coach/Health and Wellness Director) and Katie Zappasodi (CPT/Fitness Instructor) find out  little more about what is going to be offered for students and staff next month at LeTourneau University.

Photo credit: Hillsman Jackson (LETU DIL)

The classes include water aerobics, Dance Fitness, Body Pump, and Cardio Fitness, all of which are professionally developed fitness programs that have been proven to show results. In the words of Mrs. Zappasodi, “there is something for everyone.” All of these classes are free for students to attend, which makes them slightly more appealing when you’re already on a Ramen and Cheap Coffee budget like so many of us college students.

Along with these new programs are a few things that you may not have heard about via the Communicator. The Solheim Center is offering a once a month free luncheon available to all students that includes classes on Health and Wellness as well as an Individual Health Awareness class; this month’s topic is cancer awareness. These luncheons will include expert speakers, classes on “Healthy Holidays” and professional chefs doing cooking demonstrations (which once again means free food).

I was able to take some time out of my schedule to actually attend the water aerobics class on Monday and get the “insider opinion,” as they say in the writing world. We did all sorts of exercises that included everything from stretches to weighted exercises and swim cardio (safety floaties included, of course). It was an all-around good time and definitely a great way to have an exciting and effective workout without the uneasiness spurred by the presence of the “meatheads” normally lurking around the gym. (No offense to you hard chargers out there).

Considering the emphasis on community we have here at LeTourneau, hopefully students will be able to take this opportunity to interact with others and have some fun at the same time. In the future classes are rumored to include Yoga and Pilates as well as many other student-friendly classes. These classes are designed to divert your mind from stress and to help you sleep at night, which in turn will give you more energy during the daytime. According to a statistic provided by Howard University, obesity rates in young adults have doubled since 1980; this means that you may find a few unexpected pounds attempting to creep up on you this holiday season. The health risks that come with that are not all enticing, either, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, which only lead to more stress for the average college student. So do yourself a favor this semester and get up, get active, have fun, and try to take it easy on the candy corn.

Written by Gerald D. Salzarulo.

For a listing of programs and class times, click here.

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