Fall Fest Fashion: Dressing Up R.G.

Fall Fest 2012 continued on Tuesday with “Dress up R.G.,” where we had the privilege of seeing R.G. show off the latest Fall Fest fashions!

3B and ELH started off the evening’s events with a wonderful Where’s Waldo theme. 3B really was able to get R.G. in touch with his wizard side, sporting a long flowing blue robe and an even more graceful white beard that really accentuated his beautiful read cap.

Photo credit: Gino Chacon

Photo credit: Gino Chacon














D2 shifted gears with a soft colored monastic robe and a breathtaking silver staff adorned with a majestic cross. This outfit was stunning in that the audience was able to feel the excitement that radiated from R.G’s smile beneath the hood of his monastic attire. This remarkable outfit will be a sensation for many Fall-Festers.

Photo: Tom Barnard


During the evening we all saw a more nature-oriented side of R.G. through 41’s Robin Hood accessories, including a bow, which R.G. really pulled off well. However, every model has their moment, and we were all reminded that R.G. may need to lose a little weight for next year’s show as 41 struggled to put on his tights.

Photo credit: Tom Barnard

Photo Credit: Gino Chancon

Last, but certainly not least, we had a spectacular displays of workmanship by 4B, South Hall, and Mabee 1. R.G. donned his raccoon-skin cap as 4B displayed their craftsmanship, forming R.G. a unique belt of duct-tape in the style of their hillbilly theme. South Hall’s Hunger Games ensemble included a burning shirt (near, but not on, the revered statue), and Mabee 1 made a statement with a poodle skirt (presumably) in the theme of Grease.








Photos: Tom Barnard


We all came out to see the latest breathtaking LeTourneau fashions, and I think it is safe to say that it was no disappointment!

Written by Gino Chancon.

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