Fall Fest Recap: Final Results and Coronation Banquet

Fall Fest queens Maika Davis and Carly Robinson. Photo credit: Chelsea Mires

Long live the King! And the Queens! For the first time in YAC history, two teams’ monarchs will share the honor of being Queen through next school year. Fall Fest rivals D2 and 41 vied with other floors for points in competitions throughout the week, and both succeeded claiming the crown for Carly Robinson and Maika Davis. A restructured point system for Car Cram, Dress Up R.G., Airband, Relay Race, and Honor Your Monarch Day made an exact score split possible. D3 won the ladies’ half without a doubt, making their monarch Stephen Wood the uncontested Fall Fest King.

YAC Fall Fest coordinator Jen Holland and 2011 monarchs John Doss and Brea Carter. Photo credit: Chelsea Mires

The ten participating floors celebrated the coronations in a grand finale banquet on October 12th at the Belgium House, listening to music and viewing pictures of the week. Needless to say, everyone looked quite a bit different in suits and formal wear than in Merry Men or monastic costumes! Between taking group photos under the gazebo and eating delicious desserts catered by Main Street Coffee House, students explored the venue’s beautiful reception rooms and upstairs soda fountain.




In a short interview before the announcement of the winners, I asked all of the monarchs what they thought of their floors’ theme choices and participation levels, and what advice they could give for future Fall Fests. Overall, most monarchs seemed to be pleased with their floors’ involvement in the competition. In fact, according to Rachel Barthold of South Hall, on her floor the freshmen brought a lot of enthusiasm to the week, engaging in creative ways to embrace their theme (Hunger Games) and sometimes even firing up more enthusiasm among upperclassmen.


Group brainstorming sessions also seemed to give floors a leg up in the competition, as Carly and Matt Miller of 2A had witnessed from opposite sides of the brother-sister floor perspectives. D2 and D3 agreed on their Monks and Nuns theme in a group meeting before separating by gender and electing monarchs from their sibling floor. While 2A and their sister floor, G1, also worked together on their theme (Football Players and Cheerleaders), it was the girls’ idea to swap standard positions and have the guys dress up as cheerleaders . . . Needless to say, many more female football players than “cheerleaders” participated in Airband.

Other monarchs were happy to share advice for future Fall Fests. Stewart Slack of SH1 West explained that giving encouragement, especially coming from the monarchs, is important for keeping the floor dedicated to the theme. Ability to delegate tasks and preparation also is essential, according to Stephen Wood, as is the floor monarch’s commitment to the competition. Getting floor members thinking of the theme well in advance of the competitions is also an important factor, according to ELH2’s Kate Hempel (queen for Mabee 1). If floors follow these tips, most monarchs agreed, they will be in for an exciting Fall Fest next year!

2012 Fall Fest Monarchs: Carly Robinson (D2), Stephen Wood (D3), and Maika Davis (41). Photo credit: Chelsea Mires

























Written by T.C. Buscher. Photo gallery credit: Chelsea Mires,  Jacob Buller, and Jimmy Stewart.

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