Paladins’ New Quest: A Cousin Floor

Recently the Pennsylvania Hall’s 3rd floor Paladins declared on the Campus Bullet that they were embarking on a new “quest.” A quest that many LeTourneau students embark on, but far too few ever successfully complete. The most noble quest, for female companionship – kind of. Penn3 is seeking a “cousin floor,” as opposed to the conventional sister floor. The YellowJacket caught wind of this noble quest and decided to visit the Paladins to see what we could do to make their dreams of having a cousin floor come true!

What does it take to take hold of this awesome opportunity to be a cousin floor? A yearning for long walks on the beach? Does the girl floor need to maintain a 4.1 GPA? The men of Penn3 are really looking for a group of girls that wouldn’t mind just hanging out and letting the guys on the floor practice social interaction! This cross-gender interaction includes dinner at the same table every now and then, or just a movie night once in a while.

Now brother floors out there, don’t get jealous! These Paladins wouldn’t be trying to steal any sisters – after all, if the girls are their cousins, then so are you! “It would be kinda cool to have another guy floor to hang out with too,” commented David Kirsch, one of the original Paladins who posted the advertisement on the Campus Bullet.

“Intramurals is a big thing,” remarked another resident, bringing a round of agreement from of the Penn3 guys I interviewed. One of the main things that rises above all else, should a girl floor choose to become their cousin floor, is the girls’ support in all things intramural. Responsibilities include cheering on the Paladins to victory, as well as creating the legendary cheering arch to run through after each game.

Now, any hopefuls that have read this far must be wondering, “Wow this sounds like a lot of responsibility for a cousin floor!” Not to discourage you, but you are absolutely right. But have no fear! The benefits to becoming inducted into the Penn3 family are worth the investment.

Just as a girl’s floor would be expected to come support the guys’ games, the new cousin floor would get the same in return. Just imagine the look on the other players’ faces when they realize you have a cousin AND brother floor on your side(lines)!

Beyond intramurals, you also have a floor of engineers, pilots, PLUS a chemist at your disposal to help you study. Cousins have always been notoriously good study partners, but these guys are a step up from your typical “smart cousin” that only shows up for random family events. As put by an unnamed Paladin, these guys are “adorkable”!

Now let’s turn away from intramurals and schoolwork, and get to something deep and meaningful. Lady floors, just imagine this: your brother floor has been ditching you, maybe intramurals are not going well, or perhaps you just realized that your typical place at Saga is being usurped by previewers! Whatever your emotional turmoil is, you will have a cousin floor that is there to help you through it. “We are caring individuals that will care for our cousins,” stated a Penn3 inhabitant, looking me in the eyes.

Want to get to know this group of guys more? Take the long walk up to Pennsylvania Hall and just see for yourself what these guys really have to offer- good friendship! Remember, life is dangerous, so take a Paladin with you!

Written by Gino Chacon.

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