Construction Update

Barely three months after it began, progress on the Anna Lee and Sidney Allan Family Student Center (kudos to anyone with a good nickname for this mouthful!) continues right on schedule. Every day students witness the changing landscape of its construction site (progress can be viewed live here). Every LeTourneau student probably knows that a strong house is started on a good foundation, and that is exactly what the Transet Co. workers are focused on right now. 

Previous stages of the construction site.

Ben McDonnel spoke with the project manager, Chris Tucker, and received the following update:









Work summary to date:

“Dirt work was the initial scope of work to occur onsite. This consisted of excavation, placement, and compaction of suitable soils around the site. It also consisted of bringing the dirt to grade. Next, we removed and relocated existing utilities that were underneath the new Student Center’s building footprint. We also installed new utilities that will feed the Student Center. Then, we moved into the concrete phase. This consisted of excavation, placement, and recompaction of suitable soils for footings, plinths, and the slab. Once appropriate soil conditions were in place in a specific area, reinforcing steel (or “rebar”) were installed. Then the concrete itself was placed. This week, we are placing the 40,000 square foot slab, a major milestone of the project.

“Concurrent with concrete work were electrical rough-ins and plumbing rough-ins. These consist of installing under-slab electrical and plumbing conduit and piping that will service the inside of the building.”




Coming up next:

“After our slab is in place, we will begin erecting structural steel. We’ll start with the first floor and move on to the second floor and roof. We’ll place the second floor concrete deck at this time. This phase will take us through March of 2013. During this phase, you’ll see a flurry of activity, including large equipment like cranes and sky tracks.”

Current snapshots of the student center construction's ever-changing landscape.

Construction is slated to end February of 2014. Feel free to pray for the workers and the entire process, and that work would continue on schedule with no hold-ups or injuries.With sixteen months left to go until the new Student Center is open, we pray that the “FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS” campaign to raise the remaining $9 million needed to finish (view website).

Compiled by Ben McDonnel. Information and photos courtesy of Chris Tucker of Transet Co. (not originals)


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