Music Review: Taylor Swift’s “Red”

Taylor Swift’s new album “Red” has brought her into a new category of music. Swift has a new and refreshing sound that offers a variety of genres from country to pop. “Red” marks her fourth studio album and has been number one on Billboard charts for three weeks straight. Usually, Swift’s category of music consists of country love songs. “Red” definitely has its share of romantic songs, style of music varies enough to help Taylor Swift bridge the gap between “teen pop star” and “adult pop.” This album offers a variety of music appealing to both young people and adults. Her lyrics are heartfelt and personal. In his review and track-by-track analysis, Inquirer Entertainment critic Joseph Atilano also noted the depth of meaning in “Red,” describing it as a “well put- together album full of visible emotion backed by well-written lyrics.”

Taylor Swift is a secular artist, but her songs are a more wholesome alternative to the general selection of country and pop songs. This latest album has 12 tracks, and each is filled with some fun and sad stories about love relationships gone well and bad.  Track 4 “I Knew You Were Trouble” starts as a slow rock song, then quickly changes when dub step is added. Swift still remembers to add country and ballads to her album with “State of Grace” and “Treacherous.” The song “Stay Stay Stay” is one of my personal favorites. It is a catchy tune, and a sweet romantic love story.  The song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” has quickly become a radio hit and is one of the best known songs on the album. The title song “Red” has an interesting blend of contemporary and pop.

Taylor Swift put her own feelings and emotions on the line in the lyrics of these songs. Her relationship struggles and successes are deeply conveyed in this album. Her openness and change may bring her more popularity and success for the future.  If you’re a Taylor Swift fan, I know you’ll enjoy this album. I just recently began to listen to more of Taylor Swift’s songs. I enjoy her classic country style songs, but this pop/country mix is a good and welcome change for the artist. Overall, I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars for sound, quality, and lyrics.

Written by Elise Silvey.

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