Deck the Mall (9 Days of Christmas)

Deck the Mall

This afternoon YAC hosted Deck the Mall, the kick-off event of the 9 Days of Christmas celebration. Dozens of students helped decorate MSC and light the trees around the bell tower and mall. Snacks, floor fund participation awards, Santa Hats, and holiday festivity were in the air – even if it was 78 degrees!

Be sure to attend Day 2′s activity – encouragement cards and “Santa Claus vs. Martians” party and movie at 6:30 pm in MSC-3!
















Devotional thought from Corey Ross:  Mark 1:1-8

Some of you may remember (or have at least heard of) Jay Leno’s predecessor on “The Tonight Show,” Johnny Carson.  Johnny’s sidekick for 30 years was Ed McMahon, and every show opened with a phrase that never varied: “And now, heeeeeeeeeere’s Johnny!”  As the herald of the show, the trusty sidekick played an important role in getting the attention of those with the TV on in the background, letting folks know that the real deal, the star of the show, is on his way.

Jesus was coming to stage the greatest drama the world would ever witness: the working out of God’s ultimate plan for redemption. While he was in the wings, growing in “wisdom and stature” and in his relationship with his Father, there was someone preparing the people for his entrance: John the Baptizer.  In his own unique style, John’s God-given mission was to wake us up and prepare our minds and hearts to receive the grace of God coming in the form of a humble man named Jesus.

As we consider our preparations for the celebration of Christ’s birth, it’s imperative that we remember our need for a Savior in the first place.  John was asking the people to reflect on their own lives, to recognize their sin and their need for restoration.  And now here is the opportunity for many of us in the “wilderness” to reflect honestly both on our situation (our sinfulness, the ease with which we succumb to temptation and act selfishly, our commitment to our own comfort and to the things of this world) and also on the hope we have available through the Incarnation: God manifest in his Son and living among his people.

Throughout these “Nine Days of Christmas” and the Advent season as a whole, may we know more fully the abundant life that Jesus offers: the reality of his presence on our campus, in our homes, and in our lives.

Photo credits: Jacob Buller and Jimmy Stewart. 

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