Christmas Edition: The YellowJacket’s Special Printing is the First in Years

Merry (9 Days of) Christmas!

The YellowJacket is pleased to announce our 2012 Christmas Edition, a special printing of our newspaper as the Day 3 highlight in our campus-wide Christmas celebration. Be sure to pick up a copy of the YellowJacket from academic building offices, residence hall lobbies, and the Corner Café this week! Click here to view and download the Christmas Edition online.

In this issue:

  • Keeping an Eye Out for Gift Ideas (Ian Willard)
  • “Guardians” Review (Deborah Palmer)
  • 9 Days of Christmas Event Schedule
  • What is Advent? (Corey Ross)
  • Christmas Around the World (Ben McDonnel)
  • This Holiday Album Rules! (Gino Chacon)
  • Holiday Recipes (Alex Hardinge and Tim Strait)

Layout design and editing by Curtis Wise. Many thanks to the writers, copy editors layout editors, photographers, guest contributors, and faculty sponsors who made this edition of the YellowJacket possible. 

The YellowJacket has been the official student newspaper of LeTourneau University for over sixty years. As an online publication, its current news coverage and archives of campus publications (Communicator, Stall Wall) may be accessed at “Like” us on Facebook to receive the most immediate news updates. For information about staff positions or guest contributions, please email the editors at or

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